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Madison Winters Event Consulting

Yours, truly


After executing over 100 weddings and more than 50 social and corporate events, I see consistently that clients can get swept up in the planning and forget to enjoy the process. Especially with weddings, it breaks my heart to see clients unhappily plan the happiest day of their lives. The process should be just as exciting as the big day, and it is my mission with every client to help you enjoy the process.

My dream clients are people who love to be different, who want to represent themselves as authentically as possible, and who want to give their guests a uniquely personal experience. Events are meant to be special and celebratory, otherwise you’re just hosting a really expensive dinner. So why stop at just… ordinary?

With years of experience in the catering and food service industry, working in a luxury event venue, and as an independent event planner and designer, I am different because I know just as much about delivering an amazing guest and client experience as I do about what to expect from caterers, staffing agents, and venues throughout the planning process.

Remember- no amount of beautiful flowers or detailing will make a guest overlook a painfully long dinner, a faulty AV system, or an under-staffed bar.

I want to help you maximize your venue, design to your tastes, and respect your budget by sifting out what is important and what can be skipped. I know the important questions to ask venues and caterers. And I have had the chance to see venues, florists, photographers, DJ's and bands from all over the city in action; allowing me to curate a list of the most impressive, fabulous, and creative vendors in the city.

Lastly, my greatest value to you is that I care. I really, really, care! I want to create a relationship with every client that is open, candid, supportive, and encouraging. I want you to leave every meeting feeling like we've accomplished something and feeling assured that we will make your vision a reality. I want you to feel like I value your time, your budget, your priorities, and your opinions. How we work together is such an important factor in the success of your event. That is my passion, that is what sets me apart.

Why stop at ordinary?