Madison Winters Event Consulting

Madison Winters Event Consulting

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Hi, I’m Madison.

Before we get started, I want to tell you the honest truth. Brace yourself.

The honest truth is you don’t need a wedding planner. Millions of people every year get married without the help of a pro. So... why hire one? You’ve been to some weddings, you know how they work.

Well, do you remember that wedding where the food came out cold? Or that time you saw the Bride have a meltdown from stress?

It’s those moments, those memories of unfortunate realities, that stick with us. And it’s exactly those moments that a professional planner can help you avoid. Professional event planners can offer so much wisdom, drawing on all of their experiences to give you feedback on the best and worst planning choices they’ve seen.

My expertise is in venue and catering management and guest experience. I can help you design a beautiful wedding where no detail is forgotten, and I can make sure that everything happening behind-the-scenes is running like clockwork. I want to make sure the entire planning process- not just your wedding, is an enjoyable experience. From timelines and checklists to champagne and late night snacks, I want you to enjoy the planning, be able to still live your life, and trust in my experience to guide you through all the big choices.

Your Calm mind is the ultimate weapon against all challenges. So relax. You got this.
— Bryant McGill