Every year the Pantone Colour Institute comes out with their colour of the year. For 2015 the colour was Marsala, in 2016 Pantone selected two colours; Rose Quartz and Serenity, and now this year.. drum roll please- Pantone selected Greenery.

Although the year is almost over- greenery seems to be incredibly relevant this year as so much of our social and political landscape has started shifting towards environmental awareness.

Green living, green lifestyles, and green legislation has popped up across all major news sources this year with no signs of stopping. Designing with the environment and designing for the environment has become popular trends as well.

Biophillic event design is a widely discussed design style, and running "green" events gets you extra gold stars in any forum. Biophillic design takes hold of the idea that people are inherently connected to nature. Studies have proved that in social settings, being near nature reduces stress and helps increase our attention. So when planning a conference event for hard working employees, clients, or vendors, it makes sense to add some green to the overall design experience. Whether you include hanging plants, lush green centerpieces for tables, running water, living animals, anything that brings us back to our natural roots is a good idea.

Greenery can also play a role in wedding design. White florals with robust leafy greens is the trend of the summer- and for good reason. White and green will never go out of style, they are a classic and timeless pairing that match with any other colours you could throw in its direction. Think: green, white, and gold, or green, white, and lavender, or green white, and yellow. You really can't go wrong.

I think we also all love green because it feels effortless.  Some common words I hear when describing event design or interior spaces are "organic" and "natural" and nothing can be closer to that description than Green itself. 

All to say- I think Pantone nailed it this year and I can't wait to see how this colour trend translates across the creative and artistic industries for the next year or two.

Madison Winters