Do You

Okay I'm a sucker for a great ginger molasses cookie, but the concept of cookie-cutter events makes me cringe.

This post is for all of you Brides and Grooms feeling the pressure to keep your wedding beautiful, trendy, while still being true to your style. It is so easy to peruse Pinterest or Instagram and get swept up in what everyone else is doing. But I think it is so important to remember that you and your partner have a unique pairing unlike any other two people in the world! I think the best way to make sure your wedding is memorable and truly YOU is to showcase your specific tastes and love story. 

What kind of music feeds your soul? Do you love Jazz and Funk- why not hire a brass band for your cocktail hour?

Love hip hop and rap, why not have a spoken word reading during your ceremony instead of religious text? 

What are your favorite date-night meals? Weekly sushi dates, or cherished breakfast in bed Sundays? How about a sushi grade salmon tataki or poke bowl as a canape? Or a build your own waffle station for late-night snacks! 

What cocktails do you fix for one another after a long week? Where was your first vacation? Keep all of these things in mind and consider how to showcase your favorite things on a day meant for celebrating your unique love! 

Don't let the hype get in the way of your truth! Stay real, folks.